The Journey – Tearing down the Old – part 2


To start at the beginning – The Journey Begins

When we first look at the house we knew there would be some work that we wanted to do.   We definitely wanted to put in 2×6 walls and new windows to help with heating and cooling.   As we started to tear everything done, we found more and more damage.   The house had only been used for a couple of weeks in the summer for the last 8 years.

There was ant, rodent and water damage. Since we plan on living here all year round, we decided the best course of actions was to start over again.  We tried to save as much as we could, which we will use in other projects.

This part actually took us a lot longer than we thought because we were trying to be careful.  Once we reached the point where we had retrieved all we could we brought in the machines.

Here are the next set of pictures:   The last 3 pictures are of our clean slate, ready to start building.

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