Passion Diva Manifesto – Live Life on your on Terms

Choice and Freedom

I spent a lot of time, trying to come up with the perfect “manifesto”  I really want to share the depth of my passion for creating my own personal lifestyle.  I wanted to share how I believe with the bottom of my heart that teachers and mentors MUST practice what they preach.  They must walk the walk and talk the talk.

But here I sit in a the middle of a cafeteria with my iPad and my iPhone as my only source of internet and I am typing this blog post.

I was struck with the truth of the situation!  I got up this morning, I decided I need to take a drive to work on a specific problem for a client in person.  And while I wait for the meeting time.

BAMM!  I am walking the walk and talking the talk.  I choose and I have the freedom right NOW today to do what I love from where ever I am.  Sure I have some things that I choose to do because I have responsibility and consequences, it is not like I am going to let go of my personal integrity.

So What can you expect

Sacred Earth Partners is definitely a website with many topics, topics which I believe you want and need.  Topics that let you know that you are not alone on your journey to create YOUR perfect lifestyle.  Topics that open your soul, your mind and your heart.  Topics that allow your passions to shine through. Topics that speak to you core values. Topics that allow you to create your business with responsibility and integrity.

Along the way I will share how I got to here and I will take you along on the next phase of my journey.

I would love love for you to jump in and comment here on the blog or over on Facebook or Twitter.  Chat really soon


The Results

So After I put alll this stuff together and really looked at the words/actions that light my fire, this is what I came up with, I hope that it is inspiring!

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  1. Amit Amin says

    “They must walk the walk and talk the talk.”

    Words of wisdom! How much better psychologists and psychiatrists would be if they were required to be happy themselves. How much better most bloggers would be if they learned/accomplished first and preached second, rather than vice-versa!

    You’ve got some great lines in your manifesto. I especially like – extreme self-care, live deliberately, and goals are dreams with deadlines.
    Amit Amin´s last blog post ..Money Secret #2: Anticipate As If You’re Going to Kiss Mila Kunis

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