How to Add Google Plus to the Sidebar

how to add google plus

Google is fast becoming the place to be and the obvious connects with Google search, it is smart to get setup and start learning the ins & outs. Every time I go there I am learning something new!   As with Facebook and Twitter, we want our readers to be able to easily share and connect with us.

Let’s start with sharing!

Jetpack by

This is my standard option for sharing, simple to set up and will be maintained well.  If you haven’t already added the Google share then do that now

Sidebar Profile Widget

This process is actually way easier then you might think!

Step 1. Log into your website and google+

Step 2. Go to

Step 3. Copy the Code (it is better to copy it from Google rather then here to ensure accuracy)

profileId}” data-rel=”author”>

Step 4.  On your website, Open the Sidebar that you want to add the profile widget.

  • Paste the code into a TEXT widget.
  • Change the selection{profileId} to you own profile.   This could be numbers or your name, you can check your profile to confirm
  • Mine is
  • Save the Widget

This is what it will look like on your site.



I would love to see how you have your sidebar setup, leave a comment below to your website.

Tomorrow’s How to Simple eCommerce Setup, see you there!



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