1. linnaea says

    thank you fro offering this help.
    I don’t get the last part of section 3. the photos you have do not show up for me …. so I can’t se yoru example to figure it out….”Scroll to the Contributor section. Click Add Custom Link, Click Save.”

    1. am I to add something to the contributor section…. which has a custom link?.or below that, the link section , which has a custom link?

    2. what am I to paste there? your explanation doesn’t say.
    thank you, linnaea

    • Lori Lynn Smith says

      Hi linnaea,

      I fixed up the pictures now, so I hope it makes more sense when you can see them.

      1. You want to add to the “contributor to” section.
      2. You need to add your website or any website that you have articles published on, For mine I have almost every website that I have ever published a article on.

      Hope that helps!

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