Beautiful Screened Garden House, I want one!

Beautiful Screened Garden House

Honestly I can’t really help it!  It is snowing yet again today and I am getting itchy figures. I want to be working in my garden.   So many great ideas floating around in my head. This is a great article showing a critter proof garden.  If you were building something like this more north where […]

Spring time is coming and so are the babies!

Lucy, she is a Maremma and Great Pyrenees Cross

Since we moved up to the farm/retreat full time the dogs have basically been able to do as they please.  Occasionally we tie them up at night to keep things quiet.  With us being in deep winter right now there are a lot of animals roaming to the river, Moose the one we see most […]

We Almost have electricty!

2014-02-16 09.22.51

This weekend was a pretty exciting big step, we now have all the wiring inside the house.  This allows us to work on getting the insulation and wall board on.  James has also been working on the water when the weather is not too cold. So that hot water tank and hot and cold manifolds […]

2 and 1/2 feet of Snow!

2014-01-03 11.09.11

you definitely read that right.  today I walked around the yard and measured!  Now that is what is here after a few warm days.  We estimate that about 3 1/2 feet actually fell.  We are so thankfully that we haven’t had the cold weather that the east has had that is for sure.    Here are […]

This place as gone to the birds!


okay not quite yet.  But I did make my mind on what chickens that I want and I have ordered them. The Plan I wanted chickens that would be both good laying hens as well as good meat birders, I want my flock to be self sustaining, meaning I can hatch my own chicks to […]

Everyone goes so enjoy the go!

a door to keep the snow and wind out.Beautiful!

I am sure that you have seen those cute Charmin commercials… right, the little bear always says “we all go, why not enjoy the go?” so you might be wondering why the heck I am talking about “going” well here is the story. In our journey to create our retreat center, we are reno’ing the […]

The Journey – Rebuilding Begins part 3

2013-10-20 08.31.24

The rebuild has begun.  Wow it is a lot of work!   We had high hopes that we would be inside by October but there is still much to be done. We basically started at the foundation, fixing two walls.  Then we replaced 2 floors.  We fondly named the three sections A, B, C , we […]

The Journey – Tearing down the Old – part 2


  To start at the beginning – The Journey Begins When we first look at the house we knew there would be some work that we wanted to do.   We definitely wanted to put in 2×6 walls and new windows to help with heating and cooling.   As we started to tear everything done, we found […]

The Journey Begins

2013-08-03 16.50.32

I wake up with the warm sunshine beaming into the bedroom, the soft curtains are blowing gently in the summer breeze. I quickly dress and head out to the water.  It is a beautiful morning for a walk.   I walk  for an hour or so, really feeling good, deeply breathing in the fresh air and […]

Go Green Initiatives Around the World and at Home

Go Green

The construction business goes through periods of change where certain materials become more popular and others seem to fade away. For example, linoleum used to be one of the most materials for home floors but not today. There are many green alternatives to linoleum. Businesses around the globe have been making strides to instill eco-friendly […]