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We define Lifestyle Design as finding your way to Living your Passions, creating a simple and nurturing life that is in complete alignment with your higher self.

Creativity takes a Leap of Faith

99 percent of success is built on failure

One of the key traits of creative people is that they're risk takers, yes really. They're not afraid to put something new out into the world that might not be understood. They don't mind being dismissed as crazy. If you want to be a more creative person, this is a personality trait that you want … [Read more...]

Create a Vision for Your Life Today


You've probably heard that you can only get where you want to be if you know where you're going. This pithy statement is as true now as the first time it was said. So how do you come to know where you're going, so you can get where you want to be? To start with, goals are crucial. When we set … [Read more...]

I Lived

I lived

When you are on your Deathbed..... will you be able to say that you really lived? Music is a HUGE part of my life.  Music has a HUGE impact on our every day life.   No matter what you style there something for everyone, it can take your from the depths of despair to the highest mountain tops.   … [Read more...]

30 Days to Lasting Change


Huge change can happen in as little as 30 days. Life is a Daring Adventure, right?  Change is not always easy, but it is enormously rewarding. We've all taken on challenges of one sort of another for 30 days. Maybe you tried a diet or an exercise program. Perhaps you decided to give up TV for 30 … [Read more...]

Movement + Meditation + Muse

Setting Goals

Wow, 2015 already, it is only 4 days in when I am writing this and I have kicked the year off with an abundance of ideas! My head feels like it is exploding I LOVE it!  Soooo what better way to get my ideas into actions with another 100 Day Challenge! The last challenge for the 4th Quarter of … [Read more...]

#1 Theme for 2015


It is the time again.... to set your intention and theme for the year or the quarter.  In the past I have done a year... this year I am thinking that I will do it quarterly.  So many things happen and change during the year and I believe that evolving and adapting as the year goes by keep me focused … [Read more...]

How to Use Habits to Reach Your Goals

One of the keys to reaching a new goal is to have habits in place that support that goal. If your current habits are counter-productive, you'll need to change them or run the risk of coming up short. How do habits help you reach your goals? Suppose you have the goal of running a marathon: if … [Read more...]

The Right Attitudes to Achieve Your Goals

The Right Attitudes to Achieve Your Goals

If you want to be truly successful in how you achieve your goals, then you need to harbor the right habits and attitudes that will keep you on track. There are a number of good traits you have to keep for life to discover that more opportunities and good things are bound to happen, if only you allow … [Read more...]

How to Achieve Your Goals

How to Achieve Your Goals

Each person has goals, regardless of the size, which is why they strive to reach these, depending on their own capabilities and resources. If you truly want to become successful, you need to have the right attitude and mindset to achieve. There are several ways to do this and you may be surprised … [Read more...]

The Right Way to Set and Achieve Your Goals

The Right Way to Set and Achieve Your Goals

People set their goals differently, depending on their current situation, resources, physical capacity and other factors. You can, however, follow some guidelines to make sure that your goals are credible and possible. Too many individuals set their goals too high unknowingly, only to lose and get … [Read more...]

Habitual Developments to Achieve Your Goals

Habitual Developments to Achieve Your Goals

People may be successful or fail in their goals alternately, simply because they have not adopted the right habits that ultimately make winners. You can stay successful for life and achieve your goals, regardless of the type and challenges, by having the right mindset and attitude. Start building … [Read more...]