About Sacred Earth Partners

At Sacred Earth Partners,  we believe that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too!  We believe that you can create a Lifestyle AND a Business with your passions.   We believe that heart-centered, spiritually-minded, passion-driven women can successfully combine both lifestyle and business to create their perfect lives, following their passions.  We strive to create content that covers all areas of your lifestyle and business. Lori Lynn Smith Lifestyle Business is taking your goals, aspirations and passions and balancing them all to create YOUR ideal lifestyle .  Our vision is to be the #1 Resource for  Spiritual Women to learn; How To Do What They Love, Make More Money, and Live the Life on Your Own Terms!   Our philosophy is simple. . . Empower, Inspire and Motivate!  We run our entire business on the Core Values of Financial Freedom ~ Wealth ~ Passion ~ Integrity ~ Authenticity ~ Spirituality ~ Creativity ~ Responsibility, because we believe that we must practice what we preach.

Here’s How Sacred Earth Partners Helps You Create the Life and Business you love.

At Sacred Earth Partners, we make training fun and easy so that you can spend more time doing what you love!   We do this by:

  • using simple, clear, step-by-step multi-media tools, to inspire Spiritual Women to create a wildly successful lifestyle businesses
  • demonstrating the value of living a simple, nurturing, and balanced lifestyle.
  • creating a Sacred Sanctuary for personal and spiritual learning, growth and healing.
  • promoting an awareness of  a sustainable transition to a more aligned relationship with mother earth.


Hi,  I’m Lori Lynn Smith. I am PASSIONATE about helping people create amazing results in their lives and their businesses.  My greatest pleasure in life comes from watching other people ( YOU ) succeed. Whether it is creating a change in your personal lifestyle or a change in your business, I WANT you to be successful!  My goal is to teach you the skills you that you can use to immediately move you on your path to your ideal life and to show you by example that anything is possible and you CAN live life on your own terms! Read More about my me here. Do you want your own permission slip for living life on your own terms?  Then you will want to subscribe to the weekly newsletter, you will receive tips and advice, you will hear about the latest Podcasts, TV Shows and The Blog covering everything you want to know to create a holistic life and business.