30 Day At Home Crossfit Challenge for Beginners


Not everyone cares about or dreams of being unbelievably strong and fit like many of the Crossfitters featured in this video but I’m guessing that if you’re reading this post, you’re one of the people who do!

After watching that video and seeing all the different body shapes, ages, levels of fitness and ability, I bet you’re saying, “I want that!”  Me too.  Trouble is, we don’t get it by wishing– we need more backbone and less wishbone!

Fortunately, getting involved in Crossfit can be easier and less intimidating than the video might suggest and I’m going to show you how!

“Trainers and civilians needs are more akin to the firefighter, cop, and soldier then they are to the elite athlete.  The reason being, you don’t know what “gameday” will look like.  You don’t know when it will occur and you don’t know what the stressor will be, you just don’t know.”  — Greg Glassman, Crossfit Founder & CEO of Crossfit

You’re a beginner and don’t know a single thing about Crossfit.

The good news is that all Crossfit workouts can be scaled to any fitness ability or level!  Does a particular work out have too many reps?  Reduce them.  Not enough reps? Increase them!  Remember that when doing AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) you are competing against your own time — do your personal best! Is a particular move a little too difficult to do in the full form (push ups) remember that there are lots of ways that these moves might be modified (knee push ups).  A simple youtube search will usually generate tons of videos showing you proper form for certain moves as well as how to modify your form to accommodate your fitness level.  This site has some great videos that show all modifications of certain moves.

You’re a little intimidated and don’t want to shell out big money for a membership until you sample the goods.  

Being intimidated by Crossfit is understandable but with the following work outs and tips you should be on your way to increased confidence in no time!  Working out at home has several benefits.  In the beginning when you are just getting started you’ll have your privacy so no one will be able to laugh at your beginner’s work outs or the naughty curse words you will use when you have to do one more *damn* squat and want to strangle someone. It may also save you some money that you would have been paying for a gym membership.  I’m sure that you have lots of ideas of where that can be spent. I certainly do!

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30 day at home Crossfit Challenge!

Things to remember:

Short & Intense: Crossfit is meant to be a short duration high intensity work out.  Go as strong as possible for 8-15 minutes (beginners) or 30 minutes (advanced) max.  One of the things Crossfitters enjoy about this work out most is that it is efficient and effective.  Read: short.

Variety: This training is designed to improve your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. So make sure that you are trying a variety of work outs and not falling into a routine.  Challenge your body by switching things up daily.

Form:  Crossfitters are kind of obsessive about form.  It makes sense; using improper form not only gets you bad results but it can injure you as well.  Check out youtube videos if you aren’t certain of a particular work out’s proper form.

Do your personal best: No one knows what you are capable of except for you.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Be stronger than your strongest excuse!

Listen to your body: Pay attention to those creaks and groans in your joints and muscles.  Do you need a warm up, cool down, stretch, chiropractic adjustment? Listen to your body and if you have concerns, seek a qualified professional.  Soreness from a grueling work out is guaranteed but you’ll usually know if it is to be expected or if it is something more that needs to be investigated.

Get Started!

Work out one.

Work out two.

Work out three.

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