3 Steps to remove Negative Thoughts

Hindsight is 20/20

I love love exercising!  It is my meditation, it is when I hear my inner voice.  And when some of my best reflections open up to me.

So today I was working out, once of the best ones in a long time, the first 60 minutes work out since I started back after my knee surgery.   Anyways, this one struck me…  (over the head like a cast iron frying pan)

I believe in the concept of creating a theme for the year, a core value, a principle that you set for the year.   This give you focus, this gives you guidance, you make decisions based on what your theme is.

I believe that we creators of our own world and that everything comes our way for a specific reason, even if we don’t know it at the time.

My theme for last year was Health and Wealth, my intention was to deal with all the outstanding issues in this area

  • Wealth – Attract more money into my life to provide more freedom.
  • Health – Heal the broke parts of my body to enjoy more freedom.

Sounds good right…. well it probably would have been if I had not had hidden feelings about it.   I didn’t know at the time of course, I only know now that I looked back.   Deep down I was focused on getting rid of all my health and wealth problems.  I was so focused on the problems though, that I never got out of that negative mind set.

I was literally fighting all year with my health and with debt. My actual thoughts

  • Wealth – “I can’t wait to get rid of this debt, I’ll will be happy when I am out of debt”
  • Health – “My body is getting old and is not working the way it used to”

It makes perfect sense, that is what I was thinking so that is what I was getting.  Thoughts become things right.  *smacks self in the forehead*

I have some ideas for what I want my theme to be this year, but I feel that I need to work on removing my negative thought patterns AND find ways to create positive focused thoughts that will bring me everything I really want.

Step 1:

  • Recognize the negative pattern – what exactly is your pattern?  mine was my mindset, always thinking from a negative point of view.
  • Understand the root cause – you need to dig deep here, why is this happening?  for me, my ego’s distractions in following my soul purpose (wow I just said that out loud) .
  • Take responsibility – It doesn’t matter if the original cause is from an external source, we choose how we act and react.  even though mine was internal it manifested as external physical problems.
  • Decide to create a new positive pattern – Every Morning when we wake up and we are still on this earth, we can decide the direction for the day.


Step 2:

  • Get physical, take a walk, workout anything you can do to break sweat and if you can be out side in nature while you are doing this, even better.
  • Work through each step and journal the entire process.  Writing, with paper and pen, gets you out of your head, allows you to to actually feel the feelings and deal with the emotions.
  • Create and practice a ritual for 21 days to permanently change your mindset.


Sometimes it is as easy as getting outside to walk. Walk fast enough to get your heart pumping and so that you are breathing hard.  Allow your thoughts to wonder from one topic to the next.  Don’t  analyze them right now, just move from one to the other. This allows for fluid motion of your thoughts, this is when your inner voice can break through all the normal noise and become clear.  I have also been very successful using this method while bike riding.  PS. just make sure where ever you are, you are safe.

Journaling Prompts

Sometimes you need a little help to get your started.

  • I have negative or limiting feelings around…
  • What excuses are keeping me stuck…
  • How am I holding myself back…
  • When I have negative thoughts my day-to-day life is…
  • I can change negative thought to positive ones by…
  • How will changing my negative thoughts to positive ones change my life…


Any new habit needs repetition to become permanent in our body, mind and soul.   I personally like the idea of creating a very delicious personal ritual so that you can ground yourself and create a new habit at the same time.  You can make this ANY thing that inspires you personally.

Here is a ritual to get you started:

  1. Find a comfortable area in your house or outside and stand straight up with your feet shoulders width apart.
  2. Take a few deep breaths, inhale for 5 counts, hold for 5 counts, exhale for 5 counts.
  3. While standing, visualize a beam of white light coming from the sky down toward your head. Visualize the white light going through the top of your head and down to your feet. Then visualize the white light flowing from your feet into the ground toward the center of the Earth. Do this for at least 5 minutes.
  4. Then visualize the Earth’s energy traveling back up the beam of white light to support and nurture you.
  5. Visualize white light flowing down your arms and out your hands. Then visualize the white light turning in a clockwise motion around your whole body.
  6. Visualize all the negative energy leave your aura.
  7. Finish the visualization with swirls of blue and green light filling your aura in a clockwise motion.


Will following this mean you will never have another negative thought… not likely.  But it is something you can put in your toolbox, something that will help you when you know that you need to change those negative thoughts.

And you need to practice, completing the next 21 days is just a start on the path. You need to be aware and watch when you slip into that negative frame of mind.

Step 3:

  • Choose to be happy –  being happy is a constant decision, every morning when you wake you choose how the day will go, you choose how you will act, react and interact with the world around you.
  • Find Inspiration  – surround yourself with things, activities and people that make you feel good. Inspiration is everywhere and when you start focusing on it, the more you will find.
  • Stop accepting Negativity – your choice, replace it with compassion and optimism.

In the next few weeks I am going to be working on finding my new theme for 2013 and this year I am better armed.  I know where my negative thoughts come from, but not just that, I have a plan for how to remove these feel-bad thoughts from my life.

Do you struggle with negative feelings?  How do you handle them?  Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below


Photo Credit By paul-simpson.org


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